Recipe | Tuscan Lemon Chicken

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I've been out of the loop for sometime. I'm taking care of a wicked sinus infection (my own) right now. I finally left work on Friday to head to the Drs. for antibiotics. You can imagine my boycott for as long as possible after the fall of 2009 incidents. Chalk it up to life changes, work, weather -- who knows how I picked it up! Now my wonderful husband is occupying our fiesty daughter while I recoop on the couch with a glass of OJ. Thanks Scott!!Speaking of my husband, he's been quite the chef lately -- here's his latest creation from the Barefoot Contessa: Tuscan Lemon Chicken

Enjoy!! ps my photos may be lacking some umpf for a few days. We are still building back our computer after 2nd hard drive crash in 2 years. Thank goodness for external hard drives. We were able to get everything back except a batch of pics from Longwood Gardens, taken Sunday.