Recipe | Spring food is here . . .

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This is not a fancy picture by any means. Tonight's ingredients were a combination of a Sunday trip and review of my culinary blogs (which I only get to do on Sunday's these days). Can I just say, I love love love spring/summer cooking? With the time change we can grill out later, after everyone is home from work/school. The ingredients: Grilled Chicken - on Sunday we took a trip to A Taste of Olive. We had a great time "testing" the many varieties of olive oils and vinegars. I picked up a few sampler varieties: blood red orange, sweet lemon & garlic olive oils (total of 3) and pear cinnamon balsamic, red apple balsamic, and lemon balsamic vinegars (total of 3). Tonight's chicken was a mixture of 1tbsp red apple balsamic vinegar and 1 tbsp blood red orange olive oil.

Chardonnay Carrots (Jaime Oliver) - recipe found here at Baked Bree.

I think it's worthy to mention my obsession with the blog Tartelette. I've decided this spring I am going to attempt French macarons because they are all the rage, are French, and just look so darn good! Also, planning on making a Easter Lamb cake for our Easter celebration. Complete with homemade frosting. I think my dream job these days would be a food photographer . . . hmm, something to think about.