Recipe | Slow-Cooked Beef Minestrone

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This recipe, Slow-Cooked Beef Minestrone, came in the Wegman's magazine in fall of 2011. I tore the page out but didn't make it until this weekend. Boy was I missing out. Even the aroma as it was simmering was mouth watering. I started with a package of grass fed pre-cubed beef cuts. I did not use the Wegmen's advertised Italian seasoned tomatoes - I had several combination jars on hand - Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes and Hunts tomato sauces. We used our favorite brand of pasta De Cecco mini tubes - though I increased this to a full cup. I threw 3 handfuls of fresh spinach in at the end. We sprinkled fresh parmesan cheese on top; Avery added goldfish to hers. Excuse the instagram photo - I couldn't get my canon out in time - the natives were restless! 20120421-161256.jpg