Hamburger Soup | Recipe

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It was a great weekend where everyone was healthy!!! We got lots of outside work accomplished. Scott even helped out at church for Blue Jean Sunday while I got a head start at home. Our house smelled like this all day compliments to the Queen Bee. Check it out!I took the paperbacks off my built in book shelves to store them in our dining room side table. {I selected a few to re-read while I was at it}.

Our daughter sported her Ohio State cheerleading outfit. As you can see we are in the playroom and not actually watching the game. This is what happens when you have a toddler who loves to play all day; as long as it's with someone else. I've spent many hours "dancing" to holiday tunes and disney songs.

Homemade hamburger soup. Our freezer supply was running low and it's a staple around here. I grew up on this winter make-ahead meal; props to my mom's friend Carol! Recipe to follow pic!
Hamburger Soup2lb hamburger 1 or 2 large chopped onion Brown beef and onions together.

4 c grated carrot (1.5 lb) 4 cans cream of celery, mush, or asparagus soup 2 cans water (above) 1 64-oz can tomato juice 1 T. sugar 1 bay leaf ½ t. garlic salt 2 t. marjoram Mix the above into a large stove pot.

Simmer 2 hrs. (note I will do 2 cans of soup at low fat or sodium. Avoid doing the tomato juice at low sodium). We usually have enough for a meal, 1 leftover and 3 freezer containers. You can't go wrong with this soup. Avery likes to float goldfish in hers and I like a sprinkle of sharp cheddar.