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Hello there! I know it's been almost 2 weeks but I am swamped with the last few weeks of the school year. I have been slowly getting some pictures in post processing. Honestly I didn't do much to tweak - mostly a sharpen here or a lighten there and a resize for sure. The Disney tips will be updated and move to a permanent page. We had a blast this year, our hotel was fabulous, great sit down dinners, good company with family & friends. It had all the elements of a "great trip!" Below are some highlights:

Gotta love photopass! Family shot:

We met up with family during our trip, Scott's parents, Katie & Keith:

Photo with the most velveeta (courtesy of photopass):

Character we waited the longest to visit with:

Avery's favorite character (we are proud owners of a plush):

Craziest character:

More blog posts to come. Scott is still lamenting about the misuse of scooters and I can't get over the refillable mugs.