Recipe | Apple Cookies

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February is proving to be a gluttonous month. We are either a) at home snacking or b) at the mall (shopping). On my list for the month were these delicious apple peanut butter cookies I found here at Picky Palate. The whole family loved them. Especially Scott. I made mine extra large because I didn't want to make 3 batches. I adjusted the cooking time.

Avery is earning her first "reinforcement" for responsibilities completed this week. I am doing a baseline of stars to earn. The only star she has yet to earn is: try not to whine, Oi. Her reinforcement is: earn a treat, so I plan to take the token in a small plastic bag for her to trade in at Wegmans. She has done an excellent job at teeth brushing, eating her vegetables and putting her toys away this week. Bath is still proving to be challenging. We have to continuously wipe the tub down for imaginary fuzz. I think we are do for a Scott post soon!