Disney 2013 | Personal + Photography

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Finally, I have my personal photos taken with the DSLR edited and sized for the blog. Whew. I am still working on my camera edits from the iphone and we just got the photopass in the mail. So stay tuned for a few more Disney posts.

My muse at Port Orleans Riverside. Yes, we went back. And yes we loved it. Avery calls the song they sing during breakfast the "opera song." It's not to be missed.

Avery loves the race cars. She continues to grab the wheel as I am driving. We were stuck behind Scott who had a bum car that didn't go.

No, we didn't eat here but it seemed like an iconic shot to take.

A different shot of the castle. You can see the details of the line that Tinkerbell uses during Wishes.

Oh the characters were out. Avery filled up an entire book. The first stop was the Fairy Godmother. Or as Avery says: "godmudder."

Joyful expression. Mainstreet USA.

So I tried a "project" sort of like a flat stanley with this Mickey figurine. Yeah, it didn't really work out too well. Here is an outtake and the only "good" one I got.

We watched the afternoon parade from the train station. Really good view. Avery got a lot of hand waves from the characters.

The new castle in the expanded fantasyland. Taken with 85mm camera lens.

Fireworks from Wishes. Scott and Avery went to ride Dumbo one last time and I was literally shoulder to shoulder stuck in this crowd. But it was a really good performance and I would definitely do it again.

First time at a character meal. Eh, not impressed. I am hoping I can vote the family down from going again. Avery's favorite character was the Mad Hatter (iphone pic). The space was really too small for the DSLR.

People mover = still one of Avery's favorite rides. We rode it 3x including at night. Very cool. And parent relaxing.

Ahh, if I could bottle up this time. Avery's favorite character, princess, movie etc. She was SO EXCITED to meet her. We have several pictures where she is just giddy with happiness. It's really hard to get a good photo on the indoor princess meet and greet.

Avery loved the Rapunzel bathrooms. We went often.

We received so many compliments regarding Avery's snow white dress. I'll link up details here. These were some great shots with Snow White. This character did a nice job with interactions!

Rapunzel's tower. We are now proud owners of a Disneyesque replica of the tower.

We had a splendid time this year. I need to update the tips section as we tried a few new places to eat: (Kona, Grand Floridian and Sleepy Hollow). We never made it out of MK. It took us 3 days to tour the whole park and we still didn't see everything. As usually, Avery picked up a ton of new language and concepts. She was quite the negotiator on this trip with nary a meltdown. Seemed harder to deal with the former. We had a pool day which was super fun and Avery did a hair wrap at our hotel. She was a super happy camper the whole time and despite a sinus infection and lack of sleep, the adults did great too! Stay tuned for some photopass shots and iphoneography. Ahh, soon I might be caught up on May and can start adding June photos - birthday, graduation.