Personal: Disney 2011 ~ My happy place

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When I need to go to my happy place I think of this:

And since I never did a post about my vacation I could multitask with ease. While at Disney, Scott turned 29! Not really but he did celebrate a birthday of undisclosed years.

My three favorite go-to ideas at the Magic Kingdom are: 1) get the pre-paid photopass. It's 30% off if you order it before your trip and then when you are home, you order your cd and you get all your pictures to edit and upload where you please. Some of our best shots were taken by the staff at Disney. 2) eat at the bakery on mainstreet. Best food ever (for Disney IMHO). And don't pass on the tomato/mozzarella/pesto panini. 3) Dole Whip. I think that speaks for itself.

We had the pleasure of meeting up with some friends with toddlers exactly Avery's age. And Mel would like me to remind everyone that she is not leaning on Scott, the photographer told her to do that.

Our good friends Stu, Jodi & Samantha from South Florida:

We spent 2 full days by the pool. Avery loved it. She is still talking about the hotel and pool to this day. As in "our we going to Disney tomorrow?"

Avery met some famous people. A highlight for sure. Just don't go on a weekend when you could get any of the fairies. Tinkerbell the only fairy on the weekday; just be prepared to wait a little.

So there it is my happy place. We enjoyed every minute and it was well worth the time and energy (and funds) we spent. Til next time . . .