Recipe | Cucumber Mint Lemonade

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Ever since the Rittenhouse Square food festival I've been wanting to replicate this tasty, refreshing drink, summer.

1 Qt lemonade 8 pineapple-mint leaves (any mint) 2 cups water 1 medium cucumber (peeled) 1 lemon

After reading many recipes online, these are the proportions I came up with. I used Santa Cruz organic lemonade - what I had on hand. The lemonade was a bit tart so in the future I think I would make my own lemon water and add 1 cup of sugar to taste. The cucumber is peeled, cut into chunks and pureed in the food processor along with the juice of one lemon and the mint leaves. The cucumber mixture is then added to the lemonade. I added 2 cups water to taste. Serve over a cup of ice. Refreshing!

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