Behavior Analysis | The Magic Mirror

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One of the key components of my job is solving problem behaviors. I often hear the phrase, "can you help with (insert person name), she/he is having some problem behaviors." What if I told you yes, I can help with those problem behaviors. In fact I own something that when you possess it, you can undoubtedly solve 99% of most problem behaviors that exist! I guarantee by starting your behavior plan with this key item you will most always be successful with your plan. And in fact if you only ever address your plan with utilizing your number one go to item you may never need to resort to other items of choice. Behold the magic mirror. When I suggest to use my magic mirror people are sometimes confused. They want to know what does a mirror have to do with behavior change? And this is the ah-ha moment. Reader, I tell you it has everything to do with behavior change. Behavior change is a misnomer because as part of the plan, what you seek to change isn't the person, but rather the environmental conditions (the antecedents and consequences) that effect the person. So when you want to change someone's behavior the first and best place to look is in your magic mirror because I can't force an individual's muscles to move any different than you can. But you and I can create change in the environment to make those muscles want/need to move faster.

So the next time you seek out behavior support for problem behaviors note that I will always bring out my magic mirror and discuss how it can work for you!