Behavior Analysis | Chickens know their Discriminative Stimuli

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What does behavior analysis have to do with Kauai? Well lots if you ask the chickens. My parents are going to Kauai for a milestone anniversary and it prompted me to reminisce at our honeymoon pictures. Sun, sand, waves, and chickens? Oh not the whole island is covered in them but we did have a close encounter. We took a movie tour on one of our days there. Blue Hawaii, Jurassic Park, South Pacific, Raiders of the Lost Art just to name a few. As we pulled into the park for a picnic lunch our tour guide warned us about the chickens. See, everyday a white van pulls into the park with a van-load of hungry tourists. They sit at the picnic tables and eat their boxed lunches. Chickens as smart as they are, have picked up on this rather predictable discriminative stimuli. So they come running. The second one of them glimpses the white van. I mean hundreds of chickens come running towards the white van. It has to be one of the funniest and most fascinating events I've seen. I lasted about 10min at the picnic tables with the chickens. I had Gloria, Henry, Isabelle and Gertie right next to me. If I missed a crumb they were on top of it. It got old. And borderline unsanitary? I believe the tours now stop at a restaurant - thankfully.

Kauai is home to thousands of chickens. 4 hurricanes since the 1950's blew down the chicken coops and the multitude of chickens have roamed free since.

These pictures are circa 2005 and were born from our Olympus point and shoot.