Rebekah, Blog Author

Author - "one that originates or creates"

Blog - " a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks provided by the writer"

Some interview questions from, Style Statement, by Cathy McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte:

What are you most grateful for? My daughter, Avery. How do you feel in a bookstore? It’s like the mother ship calling me home. I long to travel to and/or one of my favorite places to visit is: France of course! Most ridiculous thing I ever purchased? Brown leather recliner. Favorite fabrics: Cotton. What I love most about myself is . . . My ability to take risks. If I could become a master of anything it would be . . . A piece of literature or music composition. Something timeless. I find myself most consistently longing for . . . Solitude. A tiny part of me secretly wants . . . A vacation from everyone. Favorite time of year: Spring - rebirth. Favorite form of exercise: Row Machine + Running + Kettle Bells. What I want less of in my life is . . . Negative-energy people. The lesson in my life that keeps repeating is . . . Anxiety about the future never gets me anywhere. My evil twin: Someone who talks about themselves in the third person. My idea of a nightmare job is . . . Sales. Commission. My worst financial choice: Cabinet resurface because the guy was a scam artist and he was scary. My greatest heartbreak was because: It didn’t work out. My inner critic makes me shrink by telling me: Put my big girl panties on.

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